Dr. Yoash Levron, Assistant Professor

Optimal Control of Energy Storage Devices for Future Power Grids and Electric Vehicles

Dr. Yoash Levron
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology

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Research summary

Two current challenges of energy systems are integration of renewable energy sources and the increasing use of electric vehicles. It is well known within the power systems research community that a key enabling technology related to both these challenges is energy storage. However, the field of energy storage itself poses significant research questions.

Dr. Levron focused on this important role of energy storage earlier than anybody, and developed optimal control methods that can help achieving high energy efficiency in complex power grids. By using this method, it is possible to schedule charging and discharging of the device precisely at appropriate timing. Dr. Levron’s papers have been cited by many scientists, and he is considered a leading researcher in the field of energy storage management and control.

Dr. Levron’s research greatly contributes to the effective use of electric vehicles and renewable energy resources, and is also expected to be applied to larger-scale and complex power grids.