Dr. Kei Hasegawa, Assistant Professor

Application and management of hydrogen energy technology toward the solar cell based distributed electricity grid

Dr. Kei Hasegawa
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Science and Engineering,
School of Materials and Chemical Science,
Tokyo Institute of Technology

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Research summary

With the transition to renewable energy and hydrogen society toward CO2 zero emissions, various scale of power generation networks will be introduced everywhere. However, the effect of variable renewable energy to large-scale power networks become a key issue, so applying the energy storage technologies for small and medium-scale networks have been investigated.

Dr. Hasegawa has analyzed the huge amount of actual data from minutes to years in the 10,000kW power size network developed by Tokyo Institute of Technology from various perspectives, and clarified the effect on stabilization and cost reduction by introducing hydrogen storage energy technology. In addition, Dr. Hasegawa has built the water electrolysis reaction prediction model based on fuel cell / electrolysis cell (SOFC / EC) technologies, and clarified the possibility the hydrogen energy storage technologies to become a promising technology for energy storage by improving its performance.

This research is from both energy management and elemental technology, (macro / micro perspectives) can greatly contribute to new control technology for the power supply management system that performs while harmonizing each local power network.