Dr. Ryoichi Ishimatsu, Associate Professor

Electrochemical and photometric sensing for some substances in environmental water

Dr. Ryoichi Ishimatsu, Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyushu University

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Research summary

The pollution of environmental water and soil is still a worldwide concern. Therefore, simple measurement technologies which can be applied to the on-site checking of water safety are in demand. Focusing on ion transfer voltammetry, Dr. Ishimatsu has devised a measuring principle that enables the highly sensitive analysis of moderately hydrophilic anions in water. He has also developed "amperometric ion selective electrodes (ISEs)" which can simultaneously detect several kinds of cations in water with high-selectivity. Furthermore, by applying organic light-emitting diodes and organic photodiodes, he has established an analytical system that enables the detection of neutral substances as well. Non-ionic surfactants at the ppb-level are one of the examples of the detection, which are difficult to analyze with ion transfer voltammetry. Analytical systems, which he developed can be constructed in a compact housing and are expected to contribute globally on-site analysis of pollutants in waters.