2017 Masao Horiba Awards

2017 Masao Horiba Awards

The Masao Horiba Award was created to encourage researchers and engineers in universities or public laboratories worldwide who are contributing to the field of science and technology through their research related to analysis and measurement. The application theme for the 2017 Masao Horiba award is, " Water measurement enriches people's lives."

Because water is crucial for life at every level, a precise understanding of various phenomena in water treatment can lead to breakthrough improvements in the quality of life worldwide. We are directly or indirectly involved with water in every aspect of what we consume; drinking water, agricultural crops, livestock, and pharmaceuticals. Water is also crucial to the environment that surrounds us, not only oceans, lakes, and rivers, but in groundwater, the saturation of water tables and the eco systems that depend upon them. As the demand for water increases each year due to industrial development and growing populations, the supply of clean drinking water decreases due to negative environmental factors. There is an inherent obligation to take appropriate measures so as to not adversely affect the water we use. By creating a balance between what we demand from the earth and what the earth can provide, we are helping ourselves.

In order to realize a sustainable supply of clean water, objective and quantitative evaluation of water is required and technologies that enable people to easily obtain these measurements is quickly and accurately is imperative. Therefore, we welcome both domestic and overseas researchers who are ambitious and creative with their viewpoint of analysis and measurement technology to apply for this award.

Masayuki Adach, Ph.D.
Chief of the Organizing Committee for 2017 Masao Horiba Awards
General Manager of Research & Development Division
Senior Managing Director