In 2003 to mark the 50th anniversary of HORIBA Ltd., HORIBA Group established an award for scientists and technical experts involved in research of measurement technology outside the group companies.

This award is intended to support scientists and experts who are devoting themselves to research and development that will generate innovative technology in analysis and measurement. It also aims to strengthen the position of measurement technologies within the scientific and industrial world. The field for the award is decided each year with a focus on the principles and fundamental technologies fostered by HORIBA, and the award highlights unique research and development with the findings and potential that deserves a global recognition. 

We look forward to receiving many applications from those who are actively engaged in the research of this significant field from basics to practical applications and have competence of being leaders to contribute to the development of analytical and measurement technologies. 

Message from the CEO

The Masao Horiba Award was established in 2003, to highlight innovative work in analytical measurement technologies. This information is critical to understanding many phenomena and, thus, forms the basis of new scientific research. These properties also form the foundation for the transition of materials to industrial production. For the product and process optimization, these analytical and measurement technologies are indispensable. I hope that the Masao Horiba Award, named after the founder of HORIBA, Ltd., will contribute to illuminating the achievement of researchers who are working hard in the field of analytical and measurement technology. We look forward to receiving many applications for this year’s award.

March, 2018

Atsushi Horiba
Chairman & Group CEO

Atsushi Horiba