Dr. Takuma Ito, Project Researcher

Dr. Takuma Ito

Recognition of Driving Environment for Automated Driving by Lean Sensors

Institute of Gerontology The University of Tokyo

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Research summary

Driver assistance systems, based on automated driving technologies, are becoming more and more important for elderly drivers in the "Super-aged society".
So far, most of the automated driving technologies have focused on highway driving and have frequently adopted high-cost sensors.
It makes these technologies difficult to be practically applied as elderly driver assistants in the real world.

By utilizing the combination of in-vehicle sensors and digital maps, Dr. Ito has developed a detection method for damaged road markings (e.g. stop lines, crosswalks, and speed-limit signs) on the community roads that are not always sufficiently maintained.
The technology is featured with practicable sensors, such as in-vehicle cameras.

Being applied to commercial vehicles, this technology is expected to contribute to energizing the Super-aged society by supporting the daily transportation of the elderly.