Dr. Tamitake Itoh, Chief Researcher

Dr. Tamitake Itoh

Clarification of Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Mechanism and its Application to Real-time Analysis of Bio-related Molecules on Living Cells

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

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細胞内や表面の多様な分子をリアルタイムで単分子分析するには,高感度でかつ分子識別能が高い手法が要求される。ラマン散乱分光では分子官能基の微細構造を反映したスペクトルが得られるため高い分子識別能を有する。しかし,感度が低いという問題がある。表面増強ラマン散乱(Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering:SERS)では,金や銀のナノ粒子に吸着した単分子のラマン散乱が計測できるためこの感度の問題を解決できる。SERSの問題点として,その機構が不確かなため,実用化への開発指標が得られないことが挙げられる。そこで本研究では,SERS機構の解明と細胞表面SERSリアルタイム分析への応用を行った結果を述べる。

Real-time analysis of bio-molecules of living cells requires sensitivity and high molecular discrimination ability for the methodology. Raman spectroscopy provides vibrational spectra reflecting detailed molecular structures. Thus Raman spectroscopy satisfies the high discrimination ability. However, a problem of Raman spectroscopy is its low sensitivity. Research of Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) has been carried out to resolve the problem. SERS occurs to the molecules on Au and Ag nanoparticle (NP) surfaces. Enhancement of SERS enables us single molecule detections. The important issue of SERS is unclearness of its enhancement mechanism. The unclearness prevents us from development of practical applications of SERS. Thus, in the present studies I carried out (1) Clarification of SERS mechanism and (2) Demonstration of application of SERS to real-time analysis of bio-molecules on living cells.

Research summary

He has successfully improved the surface enhanced raman spectroscopy as a reliable measurement technology for sensitive detection of biological substances based on the theory and fundamental aspect of the principle, who has never achieved in these 30 years.

His attitude of approaching the theoretical aspect is also highly evaluated in terms of the intent of the award, which spotlights the research to explore the basis of the measurement and analytical technology.