Dr. Masazumi Fujiwara, Assistant Professor

Dr. Masazumi Fujiwara

Efficient fluorescence collection of single nanoparticles using optical nanofibers

Department of Applied Chemistry for Environment, School of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University

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Research summary

Detecting photons from a fluorescence nano particle called nanoemitter is the technique which is expected to have variety applications such as optical communication and metrology in bio engineering.

But it has been difficult to gather photons from nanoemitters efficiently.

Dr. Fujiwara succeeded in developing 300nm diameter tapered fiber (nanofiber) for the first time in the world and established the technique to couple/guide the photons from nanoemitters into the fiber efficiently.

This new technique achieved 10 times higher efficiency than ever.

His research is expected to be applied for novel sensing techniques in many fields including quantum information science and life science.