Dr. Takeshi Watanabe, Project Research Associate

Dr. Takeshi Watanabe

Selective sensing system based on electrode design using boron-doped diamond

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Keio University

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Boron-doped diamond possesses excellent electrochemical properties for electrochemical sensors. However, electrochemical sensor usually faces a problem of selectivity to a target analyte. Real samples such as environmental water and blood contain various substances including not only target species but also interfering species. To avoid the influence of interfering species, a troublesome pretreatment of sample is often required. Therefore, simple and quick selective sensing system without pretreatment are desired. The design of diffusion layer based on the designing configuration of electrodes is an effective approach for enhancing selectivity. In this study, electrode configurations using boron-doped diamond were designed and utilized for implementing the concept of controlling diffusion by respectively different electrochemical techniques.

Research summary

Diamond becomes conductive by adding boron atoms, though it is generally an insulator material. 

Electrodes with boron-doped diamond detect more kinds of substances of lower concentration level compared to conventional electrodes such as those with platinum or gold. 

But selectivity for a target substance is still a challenge which usually requires troublesome pre-treatment to remove interfering species.

Dr. Watanabe developed novel selective detection systems with unique electrode configuration using boron-doped diamond, based on the concept of controlling diffusion of the substances.

This methodology has high potential for the detection of heavy metals in the environment and will contribute to realize practical pretreatment-free portable sensors.