Dr. Yoann Roupioz, Researcher

Dr. Yoann Roupioz

Label-free Cell-based Biosensors & Biochips: a Gold Mine Toward Diagnostic and Food Safety Issues?

Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique

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Miniaturized systems are gaining increasing interest since the last two decades. In the specific case of food safety, environment issues and medical applications, Biosensors and Biochips are developed worldwide to propose new, fast, cheap, reliable and multiplexed tools for Physicians. Since 2005, I am leading several projects focused on the design and fabrication of Biochips yielding new kinds of data. To that end, we are proposing miniaturized systems suitable for real-time analysis - by Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) imaging- of living cellular sample. Direct capture, controlled release of specific cell type, and more recently secreting activities have been successfully carried out in our Laboratory on these miniaturized devices.

Research summary

He has published many papers and has developed the prototype instrument though he is the youngest applicant among those evaluated by any of the referees.