Dr. Manabu Tokeshi, Assistant Professor

Dr. Manabu Tokeshi

Development of Ultrasensitive and Rapid Analysis Methods by Combining Laser Spectroscopy and Microdevice

Nagoya University

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Both ultrasensitive detection methods based on laser spectroscopy, (thermal lens spectroscopy for nonfluorescent molecules and fluorescence spectroscopy for fluorescent molecules) and microdevices that can rapidly measure ultra low-volume samples have been developed. By combining both technologies, high sensitive detection and rapid analysis of ultra low-volume biological samples (ex. nitric oxide, proteins, DNA, cells, and so forth) has successfully demonstrated.

Research summary

He has effectively utilized the μTAS technology for the innovation of measurement technology.

Especially, his contribution in improving practical applicability of TLM is highly evaluated.

In addition, he has achieved the ultra-sensitive measurement in real blood sample.