Dr. Shoichi Yamaguchi, Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Shoichi Yamaguchi

Spectroscopic Analyses of Liquid Surfaces


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Heterodyne-Detected Sum Frequency Generation(HD-SFG)spectroscopy has been newly developed for spectroscopic analyses of liquid surfaces. HD-SFG can provide very high quality data that cannot be given by existing SFG. HD-SFG allows one for the first time to perform quantitative analyses of liquid surfaces by directly providing spectroscopic data proportional to the density of surface molecules. HD-SFG can also indicate "up" versus "down" alignment of surface molecules very clearly by the sign of data. It is expected that HD-SFG will become a standard method for spectroscopic analyses of liquid surfaces.

Research summary

Four referees nominated him within TOP3 as the most distinguished research of all.  

His application field covers both material aspect and biological aspect, which are the subject of this years’ awards.